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Holy Consecration

August 1-15, 2019

Change. Sustainment. Fulfillment.


Permitted Foods:

Fruits, vegetables, nuts , grains, eggs, fish or seafood (baked or grilled), bread (whole wheat, whole grain, or unleavened) 


No food after 8pm: Liquids Only

Aug 1-5: CHANGE

In what ways does God want to change me?


What areas of my life is God challenging in order to bring change?


What will this change produce for my future?

August 6-10: SUSTAINMENT

In what ways is God promising to sustain me?


Am I truly settled in the promise of God? If not, how do I need to adjust?


What are the things that God has established in and for me that He is sustaining?


What things have I established that I am currently sustaining that need to be expelled from my life?

August 11-15: FULFILLMENT

How active is my faith in trusting God to fulfill His word concerning me?


I declare and decree that God is giving me a harvest that I have not labored for.


How am I supposed to enjoy and steward this fulfillment that God has brought into my life? 

Conclusion Declarations:

I declare and decree that I am completely changed by being in the presence of Yahweh!


I am sustained physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially and eternally!


I declare and decree that fulfillment is not only seasonal but it is Godʼs portion for my life! I am prospering and in good health as my soul prospers. I believe and stand in everything that God has spoken to me about me!

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